• School Forms

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    What do I do if my child has a school/daycare form to complete?

    First, please ensure that your child has had a Well Child Exam within the past year (i.e., 1 calendar year) with Dr. Dong.


    If your child has not had a Well Child Exam:

    Please use Patient Portal/MyCarePlan or give our office a call at 650-992-8668 to request an appointment.


    If your child had a Well Child Exam/has an upcoming Well Child Exam:

    Please email the form to contactus@soundpediatrics.com. If the school requires a hard copy, feel free to stop by the office during our business hours to drop it off.


    *Note that school forms usually take up to 1 week to complete. Please allow sufficient time for us to complete the form to ensure that there are no issues with school entry.

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    What if I have other health-related questions regarding school entry?


    Message Dr. Dong/our team through the MyCarePlan app or through Patient Portal! MyCarePlan is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


    You may also request immunization/vaccine records for your child(ren) through those platforms as well. If you have any issues with either MyCarePlan or Patient Portal, please send us an email.