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    Vitamin Ddrops Booster 600 IU

    Vitamin D has been proven to support muscle strength, bone development (such as teeth) and allows calcium uptake, all of which are vital in a child's growth.

    Why Ddrops?

    - 600IU/drop

    - Ddrops contain only pure vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil.

    - There are no fragrances nor artificial flavors. It is gluten, wheat, soy, sugar, dairy, nut and corn free.

    - Easy to use! The bottle comes with a built-in dropper that allows a single drop to be dispensed at a time.


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    Nordic Naturals, Children's DHA 530mg Omega-3

    Approximately only 1% of kids consume fish oil regularly.

    Why Children's DHA?

    - supports cognitive development, learning, brain development, brain function

    - #1 children's omega-3 in the US

    - great for children ages 1-6